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Updated October 20, 2014

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Be sure and vote and make sure your family members and relatives vote.


Special Edition of the GOAL Alert for the November 2014 Elections is here.


Government Relations Committee


Kitsap County Range Ordinance - Emergency Amendment

Posted October 16, 2014


Kitsap County has released an emergency amendment to their recently signed range ordinance. I have no more information than is on the form, unsigned, undated, and unexplained. The ordinance attempts to answer questions recently asked about hunting restrictions in the county. We'll update as we get the scoop.


The document can be found here.


Doug O’Connor


Vote YES on I-591 - Vote NO on I-594

Updated October 11, 2014


...There are less than 25 days left to stop this nonsense...


UNIVERSAL HANDGUN REGISTRATION... as a gun owner, if that phrase does not reach out from history and grab you from behind then nothing will. It is only a part of what I-594 will do if not defeated.


The first thing you need to do is to make sure you vote along with your family and friends. The election is November 4th and you should be receiving you mail in ballot any day.


The second thing to do is educate yourself about the details. I-594 is 18 pages of lies from the opening sentence to the last period. The lies have been swallowed whole and are being regurgitated on a daily basis by the media, the talking heads, and anti-gunners everywhere. Both out of state and in state billionaires are funding the process.


An outstanding two-page point by point I-594 claim rebuttal has been prepared by the NRA. You can download a copy here. A two page talking points summary is provided here. Both of these can be downloaded and printed or forwarded via e-mail.


I-591 serves to protect your firearms rights and I-594 takes your rights away. A one page summary is provided here.


Phil Shave, Editor of the Gun News from Washington Arms Collectors, has written an excellent article titled The Myths of I-594 and it can be found here. Also Phil has authored an editorial titled Why Should I Vote for I-591 and it can be found here. Both of these can also be downloaded and printed or forwarded via e-mail.



Government Relations Committee


PSC Notes - County Range Ordinance Edition

Posted October 1, 2014


After two years of meetings, conferences, phone-tag, public hearings, arguments, and a pretty fair amount of comedy we now have a revised Kitsap County Range Ordinance. It’s up on our website and I suggest you read it, if only to see for yourself what it says and not rely on a reporter, a frantic busy-body or even those who try very hard to live a fact-free life.


Meantime, I want to give a few of my views on what we have and how we got here... [read more]