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Note from the Nominating Committee Chairman

Posted November 21, 2016


The Vision of the Club is “Provide our Members and the Community with a safe and responsible location to practice shooting sports and training”. I’ve watched the same group of 20-30 behind-the-scenes volunteers plus another 25 or so range officers keep the Club open, operational, and safe.


Although we are a Club, the reality is...[read more]


Holiday Closure Reminder

Posted November 19, 2016


Just a reminder, we are closed for all shooting activities on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. This closure includes afterhours shooting on these days.


Doug Forsyth


25 Years Ago at the PSC – November 1991

Posted November 5, 2016


Discovered among some old work items were seven slides taken of the PSC rifle and pistol ranges in November 1991. The slides were scanned. The place looked different back then. Note the gravel parking lot complete with mud puddles and pot holes. No baffles, no concrete range divider walls, no enclosed shooting covers, tires for range divider walls, and no range office or buildings or storage sheds.


Range fees were collected on the honor system, deposit the money in a container on a post at the front gate. These pictures were taken shortly after completion of a range reconfiguration spearheaded by Bill Price. The reconfiguration cut the width of the 50 yard shooting line in half and tripled the width of the 100/200 yard rifle lines by moving half of the 50 yard berm out to 100 yards. The old 50 yard line width extended to the end of the concrete pad you can see at 25 yards on page 1 of 7. The pictures, in one PDF file can be found here.


The November 1991 newsletter was available so it was scanned and is provided here. You do not know what you have got until it is gone.


If you have any old pictures, slides, or club items you would like to share, let me know and I will help get them on the web page.


Doug Forsyth



Thursday Evening Trap and 5 stand

Posted April 8, 2016


Starting this coming Thursday evening April 14 we will offer both trap and 5 stand shooting from 4:00 PM until 8:00 PM. Open to both club members and the public.


For more info, please visit the Shotgun page.



Bill Bruce

Shotgun Range Area Director

Phone: 360.990.6315