Club News & Announcements

Gate Card Training Class

Posted May 30, 2016


The next gate card training class will be held on June 4th. If you want to qualify for an afterhours gate card you need this class. There is a $5 charge for the card. If you are a new member and would like an overview of club rules and how the rifle and pistol ranges operate, you probably want to attend.


You only need to take the class one time, it covers one afternoon and will start in the club house at 1:00 PM and conclude on the ranges no later than 3:00 PM. Eye and ear protection are required for the range tour. Class size is limited to 15, sign up by e-mail to


Doug Forsyth



Gate Repair and Afterhours Shooting

Updated May 28, 2016


The gate repair project is complete and the gate is back in service. Your old gate card will not work and it has to be replaced. Two sessions for exchanging cards were held and both were lightly attended. Future sessions will be scheduled based on interest. Bring your old card or the replacement will cost $5.


Afterhours shooting was reopened effective May 14th. If you are not familiar with the rules, you need to review the afterhours SOP in the member’s secure area.


At this time we do not have any afterhours member orientation classes scheduled. If you want to qualify for an afterhours card, come to the club meetings and express your interest.


Doug Forsyth



Membership and Waiting List Update - 2016

Updated May 1, 2016


Our membership roster for 2016 is full as we have reached our membership cap of 750. The 2016 membership cards have been sent out in the US mail.


There will be a carry-over waiting list for 2017. If you are on the carry-over waiting list you have been sent an e-mail confirmation.


Additional details can be found on our membership page.


Doug Forsyth



Bremerton Brigade Events

Posted April 23, 2016


The following annual events will be held in the primitive area of the Poulsbo Sportsman Club range this summer.


The Youth Shoot and Skills day is on June 4th from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Details are provided here.


The Bremerton Brigade Rendezvous will run from August 5th through August 7th. Details are provided here.


Archie Silcox
Primitive Range Area Director


PSC Notes April 2016 – Baffles

Updated April 21, 2016


Over the last three weeks or so we have experienced a couple of problems that have affected our operations. After the heavy rains a baffle on the 15 yard line failed and for safety reasons we had to close that firing line. Previously, also due to the rain, our electronic gate entry system failed and we suspended after-hours shooting. It’s amazing what age and bad weather can do to disrupt daily life.


As of April 20th all firing lines are reopened but we have made a couple of changes in use. [read more]


Doug O'Connor
Poulsbo Sportsman Club


Thursday Evening Trap and 5 stand

Posted April 8, 2016


Starting this coming Thursday evening April 14 we will offer both trap and 5 stand shooting from 4:00 PM until 8:00 PM. Open to both club members and the public.


For more info, please visit the Shotgun page.



Bill Bruce

Shotgun Range Area Director

Phone: 360.990.6315