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Operating Permit Issued

Posted September 5, 2015


I was notified today by Larry Keeton, director of Kitsap County Department of Community Development that our application and inspection were complete and our operating permit was issued.

The Inspection Report, The Permit and Mr. Keeton's letter are available on our website in our Government Relations Section.


To all of you that offered time, energy, advice, and patience I sincerely thank you.


Doug O’Connor
Poulsbo Sportsman Club


Hunter’s Sight-In Days

Posted September 2, 2015


Hunter’s sight-in days will start on Sunday, October 4 and run through Saturday, October 10.


• 100 & 200 yard ranges

• Free sighter target
• Range officers on duty to help if you need it.
• $15 range fee


Further details are provided in the attached flier.


PSC Notes

Posted August 27, 2015


Don’t let anybody tell you that nothing interesting ever happens at a gun club. We are right in the first stages of a major project that we are now ready to get up and running, the process to repair and maintain the 200 and 100-yard firing lines and to significantly improve the 50. We saved our money and raised our dues so we could do the job


right and also to make sure we got the most bang for the buck, to conform to the new county range ordinance. So we signed the contract for the engineered plans and there’s that ‘interesting’ thing I mentioned.


At the county commissioner’s meeting on the 10th of this month there was a comment and exchange that made me and a few of you, sit up and take notice. I don’t attend the meetings with any regularity but I try to catch the TV version available a day or so later, just in case. You may have seen the Kitsap Sun Article which was about KRRC’s legal battle but it also mentions this exchange. If you’re interested the comments are made at about 01:38 into the meeting, but the gist of it is that Commissioner Wolfe and Marcus Carter very briefly, and informally, mentioned something about ‘talks’ and also hoped for ‘compromise’ in getting KRRC reopened. [Read more]

National Shooting Sports Foundation

Updated August 25, 2015


The NSSF Tells Seattle Mayor to Veto Gun and Ammunition Tax or Face Lawsuit.


The full text of the press release can be found here.


The lawsuits have been filed. Full text of the press release can be found here.


Government Relations Committee


Gate Card Training Classes

Updated August 21, 2015


The last new member orientation and gate card training class for 2015 will be held on September 5 at 2:00 PM in the club house. The next class will be scheduled some time in the May to June time frame in 2016.


For background, if you want to qualify for an afterhours gate card you need this class. There is a $5 charge for the card. If you are a new member and would like an overview of club rules and how the rifle and pistol ranges operate, you probably want to attend. You only need to take one class, they are one session and will start in the club house and conclude on the ranges. Eye and ear protection are required for the range tour.


To get on the waiting list send an e-mail to with the subject line gate card waiting list. Include your contact information and membership number.


Doug Forsyth