PSC Newsletter for December, 2018

Posted December 11, 2018


50 Yard Baffle Project Update
You may already have heard that the construction phase on the 50 Yard baffles was completed on November 16th and the county inspection was completed November 20th. The 7/15, 100 and 200 yard ranges are all open again. Improvements to the 7/15 yard range are being scheduled. There may be short range closures during the work, please check the website for range updates.


Executive Board Election Results
Vice President (1 year): Jim Stelson
At-Large Director (3 years): Roger Gallington
Primitive Shooting Area Director (1 year): Doug Kitchens
Board members will begin their terms at the January 2019 Executive Board meeting.


Scheduled Training Classes
Mike has submitted an application for an NRA grant to help with funding Woman on Target clinics. These instructional clinics are available only to women and are designed to teach firearm safety and fundamentals of
marksmanship with pistols, rifles, and/or shotguns. Basic pistol class training will be scheduled for January 13th and February 10th. Check the NRA training web site for more information and to register.


2019 Membership
A reminder that Membership renewal applications for the 2019 membership year will be processed starting on January 2, 2019. If you must send in your renewal application early, it will be placed on hold until that time.


Web Site Updates
Proposals from interested contractors have been received and follow up meetings will be held as needed. A recommendation will be made to the Executive Board early next year.